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Pirmin Loetscher was born in Luzern in 1978 and now lives in Nidwalden, Switzerland. For many years, he has been working as a freelance culture and event manager for nation- al music, culture and business event projects. In the year 2002, a protracted illness lead him to autogenic and mental coaching. He accomplished several trainings in these areas and since then has been working as a successful personal and business coach. In the fall of 2014 he founded the company "Life Inspired Values AG" which offers seminars and lectures that are attended by several firms.
Life Inspired Values AG is a consulting company focused on people. The company works according to the LIV princi- ple, balancing the three dimensions of life, inspiration and values, so that organizations, companies and employees can grow from within.


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Ebook englisch - Accepting and letting go - Pirmin Lötscher

Artikelnummer: 9783905958812
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  • Due to a long lasting illness the author involved himself at a young age with the fundamental questions of the purpose of life, where we come from and where we are going. With a deep understanding for the spiritual world and it's connections to life, he began to write his first moving book. Here, the author describes how to, with inner balance, lead a fullfilled life. "In the moment of acceptance and letting go, we experience absolute and unconditional love. It is the foundation and expression of creation, being, and the harmonious self". With a variety of examples and exercises Pirmin Loetscher simply and effortlessly leads the reader to an examination of their own personality, the meaning of life, dealing with fear and doubt, and to find real answers for thier lives.

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